Founded by Vivek Goyal in 2008 with a vision to handcraft, service, and design quality products, Vogue N Hyde has created a niche for itself for its variety, communication and flexibility. The company started with only two employees and a small factory of 10sq mts. In a short span of 12 years the factory is spread over 11,000sqmts and over 500 employees.

Research and Development

Sampling and research being the backbone of any manufacturing unit, Vogue N Hyde has an extraordinarily strong research and development team. Having an inhouse team of designers from leading International fashion schools to partnering with designers across the globe, we invest a lot of our resources in trend forecasting, sample shopping and developing ranges as per the buyers target customer and handwriting.

We provide services where international customers can use our design team to create their own mood boards and design collections.

We visit our business partners at least four times a year, which helps us understand their design language and align their requirements with our products.

Sampling Lead Time

Having a capacity of 100 samples a week, lead time for sampling is 3 days when leather is readily available in the factory. For samples where leather needs to be developed as per the customer requirements lead time is three to four weeks.

Production Process, Capacity and Lead Time

Having a factory spread over 11,000 square meters, 70% of the production is automated with latest technology machinery from Germany and Italy. We are amongst the only 80 odd factories in the world that use the POLIFEMO gluing machine, which is a 100% water based gluing solution, leaving no residue or smell on the product.

With a production capacity of 40,000 units of handbags and 50,000 units of wallets and small leather goods the entire production process is managed by an inhouse ERP which makes the tracking of the orders extremely easy.

A weekly Critical Path is sent to all customers which enable them to track the progress of their orders and 100% transparency is maintained. The process helps to flag any problems and issue arising in production on a weekly basis and immediate damage control is done rather than waiting for the last minute.

Lead time for production is 90 days from the date of confirmation of order. We are known for timely deliveries with all our business partners. We maintain 100% transparency on the progress of the order and in case of any problems the same is highlighted to our customers well in advance and a solution is sought rather than a last-minute excuse of rains, strikes, holidays and labour issues.

Quality Control

At Vogue N Hyde we have an extremely strict quality control process at all levels. There are QC managers in every department and a daily QC report is made and uploaded on our ERP for the management to track the QC compliance at every level.

Raw Material Sourcing

Our leather is sourced from LWG tanneries from India and across the world. We import Wet Blue from South America, Africa, Iran and America and do the tanning in India, thus making traceability very easy

Metal fittings are all sourced out of China and all reinforcements are sourced from Italy, Germany, India and China.

Reach Compliance and Testing

All our products are strictly free from all banned substances and clear Reach Compliance testing, even if the same is not specified by any customer. As a practice we get all material tested periodically.

Social Compliance

We are a SA 2000: 2014 and SEDEX 4 Pillar audit certified factory.